The Qur'ān (lit. recitation)

The Qur'ān (also spelt Quran, Koran) is the complete collection of divine revelations from God to Muhammad (peace be upon him).  Simply speaking it is a Book of temporal and spiritual guidance for entire mankind. The Book has fascinated people of every age and every nation. It has transformed nations, created civilizations. Today it is part of every day life of 1.2 billion people all over the world. Written in classical Arabic, it has generated immense interest among people of all languages. There is at least one translation of the Qur'ān in virtually every language.

Dr. Zohurul Hoque published a translation of the Holy Qur'ān with brief comments in 2000. Due to its popularity and demand for a fairly detailed contemporary commentary for readers of West, he has prepared an exhaustive foot-note commentary, to be published soon. The commentary is based on the true teachings of the Qur'ān combined with the knowledge base of 21st century.

In this website we are presenting a small sample of randomly selected verses and explanations from Dr. Hoque’s forthcoming book.

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