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15:9 Surely We Ourselves revealed the Reminder, and We most certainly are its Guardian.

15:9 The significance of the verse is much more than what transpires from ordinary reading. When Allāh proclaims Himself as the guardian of the Qur’ān, He has assuredly preserved the integrity of the text from all type of material degradation either by human or by nature, intentional or otherwise (cf. 85:22 for details). Integrity of the text is not adequate if the means to access it rendered ineffective and obscure. Therefore, Allāh has assured the language in which it was revealed to remain in vogue and should never go into disuse as happened with Latin, ancient Greek, Sanskrit and many languages. The manner in which the integrity of the text was preserved under several adverse factors itself is the greatest testimony to the truth of the Qur’ān, and a miracle unlike those demanded in v. 7. Some of the adverse factors during the time of revelation were little literacy in Arabia and means of preserving written record was immensely inadequate. It comes as no surprise when Muslim and Christian researchers unanimously agree the existing Qur’ān is exactly same with the 7th century hand-written Qur’ān, compiled and copied shortly after revelation of the final verse. No other book in the history of mankind witnessed so much malicious corruption against it, yet existed in pure form since the revelation. Over the last millennium the Qur’ān witnessed various conspiracy (intentional or otherwise) by Muslims and non-Muslims to corrupt it either by physically adding or removing verses or by suggesting hundreds of verses to have ceased their purport, thus abrogated.


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